Objective of Community Policing and Outreach Programme “Haryana Uday”

Hon’ble Chief Minister has desired that Community Policing & Outreach programme will be executed from 1st June, 2023 throughout the state.

This programme will play as a vital initiative aimed at strengthening community engagement and fostering better relationships between the district administration, law enforcement agencies, and the public. Hon’ble Chief Minister believes that by actively participating in this outreach programme, we can create a safer and more inclusive community that is well-connected and responsive to the needs of its residents.

As trusted leaders and representatives of your district, you need to establish open lines of communication with the public by engaging in meaningful dialogue and activities, building trust, addressing concerns, and working together towards a safer, harmonious society. To achieve these goals, both DCs & CsP/SsP will start their Community Policing & Outreach programmes.

DC’s Outreach Programme
Every DC will start their outreach programme in their respective districts from 1st June, 2023

CP/SP’s Outreach Programme

Every CP/SP will start their community policing program in their respective districts from 1st June, 2023

Mass participation should be ensured as it can be a key factor in promoting engagement, involvement, and collaboration among a large number of individuals.

Hon’ble Chief Minister will review the six-monthly report with the presentation of all districts and the best three DsC / CsP / SsP will be awarded.

DCs’ outreach plan

  1. Village Jan Samvad / Area Jan Samvad
  2. Pond Cleaning through public participation / CSR
  3. Music / Art / Poetry competitions in school / Mohalla Sports League
  4. Plantation drive with results
  5. Night stay in the village to be attended by all IAS & HCS posted in districts once a week
  6. Yuva Sansad / Village Sansad
  7. Swachch Bharat including personal hygiene – PADMAN etc.
  8. Adopting government schools to health, toilets using CSR

CsP/SsP Community Policing Programme

    1. Raahgiri
    2. Cyclothon
    3. Sports Competition in crime/drugs prone village
    4. Anti Drug use campaign
    5. Adopting all senior citizen
    6. Police Ki Pathshal

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