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Originally known as District Soldiers, Sailors’and Airmen Board now known as Zila Sainik Board. It was constituted on 17 Sep 1953. The Deputy Commissioner is the President. It functions under Rajya Sainik Board, Haryana, Panchkula.
The main aim of the Board is to look after the interests of Soldiers, Ex-Servicemen and their family. It help them in numerous ways e.g. settlement of arrears of payment, securing awards and Medals, Stars, Home Postings, Pension, Relief grants, issue of substitute Discharge Certificates, Medical treatment, Final settlement of their accounts, employment etc. The family of soldiers, Ex-Servicemen and deceased soldiers are assisted on obtaining scholarship, stipends, discarded vehicles Jai Jawan Stalls to their wards to seek admission into military/Sainik schools and other institutions like Polytechnic, Engineers, Medical and to provide employment/resettlement in civil life
The Board, maintains the Four Sainik Rest Houses i.e. Narnaul, Kanina, Ateli and Mahendergarh for Serving/Ex-Servicemen.
The name of District Soldiers Sailors and Airmen Board was changed to Zila Sainik Board vide Govt of India, Ministry of Defence Kendriya Sainik Board New Delhi letter No 27 (I)X-M/Item/IV/75/ISSAB dated 26 November, 1975.
Name of Sceretary:- Lt Col. Sarita Yadav (Retd)
                 Tel No. 01282-250259 (O)
Lt. Col. S.R. Yadav (Retired) of Vill. Goad Balaha and 11 JCOs/OR has nominated as Non Official Vice President and members for next 02 years.
CENSUS AS ON 01 May 2015
No of Ex-Servicemen
2. No of family members of ESM 79896
3. No of war widows 156
4. No of family members of war widows 716
5.. No of widows of ESM 6070
6. No of family members of widows of ESM 24280
7. No of Serving personnel 11412 Approx
8. No of family members of serving personnel 45648
Sr. No.
Nomenclature of Award
1. Victoria Cross 02
2. Military Cross 02
1. Ashok Chakra 01
2. Vir Chakra 10
3. Kirti Chakra 02
4. Sourya Chakra 11
5. Sena Medals 42
6. Nau Sena Medals 02
7. Mention-in Despatch 07
Sr. No.
Accommodation Location
1. Sainik Rest House, Rest house Narnaul 3 Officers Room ,01 JCO’s Room & Jawan Hall Near PWD Rest House Narnaul
Next to Park Gali.
2. Sainik Rest House , Rest House, Mahendergarh 01 Officer Room ,O1 JCO’s Room & Jawan Hall Near PWD Rest House
3. Sainik Rest House, Kanina, 01 Officer , 01 JCO’s Room & Jawan Hall Opposite Bus Stand Kanina
4. Sainik Rest House, Ateli 01 Officer , 01 JCO’s Room, & Jawan Hall Near Railway Station

Note: Rate of rent for Sainik Rest houses are as under:

1. Serving Defence personnel/ Central and state Govt. Officer/ Official.

Rent Per Room Per Day
(a) Officers Rs 210/- Cooler Room
(b) JCO(Including Hony Commissioned ) Rs 175/- Cooler Room
(c ) ORS Rs 25 per bed (Dormitory per day)
2. Ex-servicemen
Rent Per Room Per Day
(a) Officers Rs 200/- Cooler Room
(b) JCO(Including Hony Commissioned ) Rs 150/- Cooler Room
(c ) ORS Rs 20 per bed (Dormitory per day)
(d) Civilians (subject to availability of room) Rs. 350/- per day

Details of  Schemes by Haryana Govt. for the welfare of ESM/War Widows, Widows of ESM and their dependents are as follows:-

Financial assistance @ Rs 3000/- p.m. to World War-II veterans (enrolled on or before 31st August,1945) and widows of World War-II veterans who are  not in receipt of an kind of pension from Govt. of India/Haryana.
Financial assistance @ Rs 2000/- p.m. to War Widows of Defence Force Personnel (Army, Navy, Air Force) who were killed in action during declared war in addition to family pension already getting from Govt. of India.
Financial assistance @ Rs 2000/- p.m. to ESM above 60 years and widows of ESM who are not in receipt of pension from Govt. of India/Haryana.
Financial assistance to Para-plegic Hemiplegic and tetraplegic ESM with 100% disability @ Rs 1500/- p.m.
ESM of Haryana are para-plegic cases. Para- plegic centre, Mohali and Kirki (Pune). Haryana Govt. provides Rs 85,000/- financial assistance to each of them every year.
Financial assistance to blind ESM at the rate of Rs. 1500/- p.m.
Financial assistance to Rs.2000/-p.m. the legal guardian of orphan children of ESM. The major orphan child of ESM till maximum 21 years of age/marriage /employment whichever is earlier.
Financial assistance of Rs 21,000/- at the time of marriage of the daughter of War Widows, 50% and above War disabled ESM and of Rs. 51000/- to orphan daughters of ESM. Financial assistance or Rs. 11000/- is given at the time of marriage of daughter of Widows of ESM. The Financial assistance is available for two daughters only.
Grant of Financial assistance @ Rs 1500/- p.m. to disabled ESM whose disability is not attributable to Defence Forces services and who are not in the receipt of any type of Pension /financial assistance from any source and not employed in Civil Service.
Financial assistance upto a maximum of Rs 40,000/- is provided to the War Widows and 100% War disabled Ex-servicemen and war mothers for construction/repair to their houses, subject to annual income being upto Rs. 75,000/- per annum.
Those ESM who suffer paralysis during or after the service are provided an amount of Rs.10, 000/- for the construction of toilet and Bathroom.
Monetary allowance/Pension to Pre-Independence gallantry award winner/widows of the awardees of Pre-Independence gallantry medals Policy revised on 28-05-2014 w.e.f 19-2-2014 as under:-
Sr. No
Name of Award/Medal
Rate of Monetory Allowance/Pension
Victoria Cross
15,000/- P.M.
(b) Military Cross 15,000/- P.M.
(c) Military Medal 5,000/- P.M.
(d) Indian Orders of Merit 3,000/- P.M.
(e) Indian Distinguished Service Medal 2,000/- P.M.
(f) Mention-in-Despatches (only Pre-Independence Awardees) 2,000/- P.M.

Additional pension to the widows and to the children of armed forces personnel who died while in service as per rates mentioned below :-.
 Widows (having children) of :-
  (i) Other Ranks       
Rs 100/- per child per month subject to a maximum of Rs 300/-p.m.
  (ii) Other Ranks       
Rs 150/- per child per month subject to a maximum of Rs 450/-p.m.
  (iii) Other Ranks       
Rs 200/- per child per month subject to a maximum of Rs 600/-p.m.
 Widows (with no child)
  (i) Other Ranks       
Rs 100/- per p.m. till death or remarriage.
(c) 100% disabled personnel (having children)
At the above rates according to the rank.
(d) 100% disabled personnel (having no child)
Rs 100/- p.m. irrespective of rank till death

Reward money of Rs. 10 Lacs to all ranks killed in enemy action in a notified international war or war like engagements which are specially notified by Ministry of Defence (M.O.D) Ex-gratia grant to the families of the personnel on being killed while on duty in encounter with terrorist, or I.E.D blast and to the disabled personnel who are boarded out on account of the disability is as below : - (Policy revised on 16-01-2015 Both applicable w.e.f. 19-02-2014)
Category Killed in Encounter with Terrorists Killed in I.E.D. Blast Disabled over 75% or above Disabled 50% to 74% Disabled 25% to 49%
Officers/officials 20 lacs 20 lacs 15 lacs 10 lacs 5 lacs

Stipend to the Children of ESM out of Amalgamated Fund ranging from           Rs 100/-to Rs 600/- p.m. depending upon the income slab of parents. It is applicable to students from class 9th to higher studies. This facility is available to those ESM whose monthly income upto Rs. 9000/-p.m. for 9th and 10th class and from Rs. 9000/- p.m.  to Rs. 13000/-p.m. of other classes.

Rs. 2000/pm for boys and Rs.2500/pm for girls of ESM are provided by the Kendriya Sainik Board, New Delhi for the Technical and Medical Courses professionalsí courses like BE, B.Tech, BDS, MBBS, Bed, BBA, BCA and B. Pharma. etc. Minimum scoring marks in 10+ 2 should be more than 60% and thereafter on merit basis 4000 students are selected in all India basis.

Sale of items by CSD canteens to Ex-Servicemen and Service personnel is exempted from tax.
Rebate in Excise duty for supply of liquor for Ex-Servicemen and serving soldiers through CSD.
House Tax/Property Tax of one house in the name of ESM is fully exempted from house tax.
Chulah Tax is exempted to all ex-servicemen /serving personnel and widows in village.

Haryana Govt. has reserved 5% posts in Class-I and II categories and horizontal reservation of 14% for ESM in Class III and IV posts in all Govt. departments, Semi Govt. Agencies and Public Sector Undertakings.  In case, non-availability of eligible ESM, their dependent sons/daughters and wives if eligible can be considered on merit basis. Dependent sons, daughters and wives of those ESM who have got employment in Govt. or in Semi Govt. departments are not allowed this concession. In case of War Widows, two dependents can be sponsored. 
One dependent son/daughter can take the benefit of ESM quota in State Govt job if the same is not availed by him.
ESM can enroll his one son in Army under UHQ quota in his parent Regimental Centre.

Exemption of Medical examination fee on first entry into Government service. Further, disabled ESM called for re-categorization by the Medical Board are treated on duty for hospitalization period.
Sainik Rest Houses almost at all the District Headquarters have been established. In addition Sainik Rest Houses at Bahadurgarh, Kosli, Kanina, Loharu, Gohana, Ateli have also been established. Free accommodation is provided for stay in the rest houses for War Widows and PVC, MVC & VC and Arjuns awardees.

Minimum age limit prescribed for any service or post is relaxed in favour of Ex-Defence Forces personnel to the extent of military service added by three years.Haryana Govt. has recognized Army Certificates of education as under:-
Army Certificate of education  Class-I with 15 years if service  is equivalent to Matric.
ESM having 20% disability with Army Certificate of education Class-II and having 10 years service is equivalent to Matric.
Army Certificate of education Class-II and III with 15 years of service are equivalent to Class 8th & 5th respectively.
After completion of 15 years pensionable Service Graduate Certificate is issued by concerned Regimental centers.
Haryana Govt. has also earmarked  3% reservation within reservation in Teaching/Technical institutions, Medical, Dental, Ayurvedic, Engineering, ITI's/College's for the ESM/Freedom Fighters and their dependents as under:-
  (a) General Caste    50%
  (b) Schedule Caste       20%
  (c)  Backward Class 16% for Block"A" and 11% for Block "B"
  (d) For Handicapped 3%
War Memorials is located in Sainik Rest Houses Narnaul premises in 300 Sqr yrds. It is established on 28 Apr 1995 with the cost of Rs 375000/-.
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