Dynamic Integration of Property Registration and Land Records Administration

Haryana is one of very few states, where property Registration and the Land Records Administration work have been merged with a single department and a single Revenue officer ? designated as Tehsildar / Naib-Tehsildar? functions as Sub-Registrar while handling the work of property registration and he functions as CRO while handling the work of Land Records Administration. The workflow based Property Registration Information System (HARIS- Haryana Registration Information System) and Land Records Administration system (HALRIS-Haryana Land Records Information System) were standardized and stabilized in the initial phases of computerization. Thereafter, the Property Registration System and Land Records system were dynamically integrated in a workflow environment, under a single unified database, to facilitate on-line availability of Record-Of-Right (ROR) on Anytime, Anywhere basis with security & transparency.

With the rollout of HARIS (Property Registration) and HALRIS (Land Records) projects across Haryana, new challenges started emerging in delivery of service to the general public. One such issue is authentication and verification of ROR copies so that other agencies like financial institutions, builders and buyers can trust the computer generated RORs. This is necessary to check the frauds, which can be committed by tempering the hard copies of Nakals issued by the HALRIS centres or generation of duplicate RORs by scanning and modifying the original ones. The computer printed copies of RORs are issued with the seal and signatures of Patwari posted at the HALRIS Centre. There are amble chances that a person can temper the ROR before submitting it to the Bank or any other agency. Therefore, a need was felt to devise a security mechanism, by developing & implementing a verifiable two Dimensional Bar Coded ROR for Computer generated RORs. Solution developed has two main components first one is 2-D Bar Code generation modules and other is Bar Code verification module. Both these components use 2D Bar Code, XML and Hashing technology.

The HARIS & HALRIS are being implemented at all districts of Haryana. The successful implementation has resulted in greater transparency, ease of service delivery and increase in revenue collection. Revenue department provide following service related with Revenue Records 1. Property Registration, 2. Nakal of Revenue Records of Rights, 3. Mutation activity, 4. Deed writing through licensed Deed Writers.

This project provide following services

1. Property Registration to General public at Tehsil and sub-tehsils level.
2. Nakal of Revenue Records (namely Nakal of Jamabandi (ROR), Mutation and Khasra Gridawari) of rural land to public at Tehsil and Sub-tehsils level.
3. Mutation related services to land owners at tehsil and sub-tehsil level.


Standard Deed Templates provided in the System, the Project is providing Computerized Deed Writing services
5. Integration of Property Registration and land Records providing online mutation service
6. Automatic Generation of new jamabandi
7. Availability of ROR on Internet.
In 2000 only one service i.e. property registration service (service No. 1) was there. In the last 6 years scope of the project is extended to provide the 6 more services (service no. 2 to 7)


Status of HARIS & HALRIS In District

In all Tehsils and Sub-Tehsil of district Mahendragarh, HARIS has been implemented to ensure speedy registration and proper evaluation of Stamp Duty. The photos of Seller, Purchaser & Witnesses are captured through WEBCAM and stored in Database.

e-DISHA (एकल सेवा केन्द्र)
Before establishment of e-Disha Kendras citizens has to run from pillar to post to get the service which largely depend upon the availability of the dealing hand. Citizen even did not know where to go and whom to contact for those services. He has to spend a lot of time & money on transportation etc. to avail these services. There was no defined timeline by which he could be able to receive these services or response to his grievance. Hence a large number of touts used to Eliot the citizens. No computerized MIS was available for decision-making. After successful pilot run of the application at Kaithal, state government approved the setting up of 20 District Level eDisha Centres (DLeDC), one each at District Headquarters. The project has been implemented under the aegis of Society for IT Initiative Funds. E-Disha is web based application so at the peak requirements of services, counters can be extended as per the crowd. More than 2.5 lacs transactions have been recorded since April 2006 to 31 March 2012.
Impact of the Project:
The time bound service delivery has resulted in improving the efficiency in delivery of the services.
Elimination of corruption and middlemen from the process.
By providing a wide spectrum of services at a single place has helped in saving citizens from the trouble of running around various departments.

Now people get the service in one (if supporting documents are available with him) or two trips only.
Due to streamlining of the service delivery, there is no Hassle-Bessel at the counters so it creates the speedy work and more services are delivered in the same time compared to earlier system.
Helping in integration of databases of Government departments and organizations. This integration has also forced the user departments to carry out process reengineering and standardization in delivery of services.
Creating jobs in the districts for the local IT savvy youths.
Spreading the utility of Information Technology among the masses.
Helped in improving the financial health of District IT Societies.
Various Service Provided Under E-Disha Center
The National Level softwares, VAHAN (Motor vehicle Registration) and SARATHI (DRIVING LICENSE) are being used at e-Disha Ekal Seva Kendra at NNL & M/garh. More than 40,000 record of vehicle registration has been uploaded on National & State register. The main advantage of this process is that this data can also be accessible easily by public using the internet. To access the record public has to provide the vehicle registration No. and last five digit of Chassis No. The web address of National register that help to access vehicle registration information is http://www(dot)Vahan(dot)nic(dot)in. And in the same way the Driving license information will be accessible by the public after a short duration. The web address of National register that help to access Driving License information is http://www(dot)Sarathi(dot)nic(dot)in.
HARCIS (Domicile/ Income/Caste Certificates):- HARCIS is a web application which is hosted at NIC State Data centre. All the Certificates like as (Caste/Residence/Income) are issued using this application. The application is also used in all the Tehsils/Sub Tehsils of district Mohindergarh. The Main advantage of using this application is that anybody can check the originality of document simply using the internet only. The web address of this application is http://112(dot)196(dot)11(dot)166:8080/edisha1 . On this website there is a link Named “Verification of Certificate that help to validate the documents. It made the verification process very fast and transparent.
Integrated Cyber Treasury System of Haryana

Cyber Treasuries is a net banking solution for online payment of Commercial Taxes for the dealers of Haryana. A meeting was held on 11-9-2006 under the Chairmanship of, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister on Cyber Treasuries. In the meeting State Bank of India made a presentation about Cyber Treasuries-a net banking solution for online payment of Commercial Taxes for the dealers who have their accounts in the State Bank of India Branches linked with core banking solutions. PSCM suggested that Finance Department should go ahead with the proposal of SBI for payment of commercial taxes and NIC Haryana was entrusted with task of development of website of Treasuries and Accounts and cyber treasury software.

By clicking on link e-Challan, any dealer sitting anywhere can fill the e-challan form, entering his/her TIN number, the Act, Purpose and Period of tax to be paid. After confirming, all the information will be passed to the payment gateway of the bank on the site www(dot)onlinesbi(dot)com where he/she has to login using a valid user id and password and make payment. The customer can print Receipt of the payment after confirmation. Immediately a copy of the receipt is also sent through mail to the customer, concerned department. After day end, the data of all transactions of the day is sent electronically to all concerned treasury branches of the state and from there it is sent to the concerned Treasury office where it is integrated with OTIS (On-line Treasuries Information System). The Commercial Taxes department gets data of all relevant transactions from the treasury office in online manner for their verification. At present this facility is available to the Internet banking customers of State Bank of India. Later this facility will be available to customers of other banks also. The pilot run of the project has been successful in district Ambala and it has been extended to all the treasuries of Haryana.

The web site also gives general information about the department, Organization structure of the department, Contact information of officers of the head office and field offices of the department, RTI, DDO codes and Heads of Account. Challan forms and bills can be downloaded from the website. The stepwise instructions to use e-Challan have been put on the website. Consolidated figures of Receipt and Payment, treasuries wise and date wise are available on the website for the authorized people. List of challans entered on cyber treasury can also be seen.

The URL of this web site is http://www(dot)hrtreasuries(dot)gov(dot)in/ It is well integrated with Internet payment gateway of State Bank of India through www.onlinesbi.com , Online Treasuries Information System (OTIS) and the Daily Collection Register (DCR) of the Commercial Taxes Department.

Cyber Treasuries enable Haryana Government tax payers (VAT & CST) to make payment of taxes to the state Government through Internet. The dealers don?t need to go to the treasury or bank to deposit the tax. Front end: ASP.NET, Web services on Microsoft .Net framework, Back end: MS SQL Server as database backend.


Status of Online – Treasuries in Mahendergarh District

This System has been successfully implemented in District Treasury Office and all Sub-Treasuries of district Mahendergarh.

CM Announcements Implementation Monitoring System

The Chief Minister visits villages and towns to interact with the masses and announces development works/projects to be implemented by the government functionaries with active participation of local people. The progress of implementation is monitored and reviewed personally by the Chief Minister in the monthly conferences of districts and heads of departments (Deputy Commissioners and Financial Commissioners). Monitoring Committee chaired by Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister also reviews the progress regularly. Now CM Announcement Monitoring System is web based. Each type of facilities are online in this website (link).

Impact of the project

Brings in uniformity of monitoring Process that enables effective Monitoring System and improve the execution of development projects announced by the Chief Minister.

Implementing Agency: CM Secretariat, Haryana and Deputy Commissioner Offices

Other’s Project

Issue of Birth & Death Certificates
The computerized system developed for the purpose of issues these certificates. At Civil Hospital Certificate are issued for Rural people and Office of MC, Narnaul issued certificate for urban people.
Haryana Pension Information System (HaPIS):
Social Welfare Department takes care of generation of reports towards the distribution of Old age, Widow and Handicapped pension every month.
3. District Court Computerization:
District Court Computerization is being implemented.
4. District Rural Development Agency:
DRDA has been fully computerized. LAN is functional & implementation of MPR Compilation Software for DRDA's scheme, BPL, JGSY, MNREGA, BRGF & other schemes has been done successfully.
5. Payroll packages:
Implemented in more than every offices/departments.
NIC- has conducted several computer training programs for government officials of various user-departments. More than 200 officials have been trained during the last 4 years to improve their efficiency in IT awareness.
Video Conferencing:
It was made operational and is being used by District Administration to interact with Senior Officers at Chandigarh, Delhi and other districts.
General Need based support : General Elections to the Lok- Sabha’2009 & Vidhan Sabha 2009 and fourth Panchayat raj election May-June 2010

Establishment of ICT based Media Cells during the festival /sports/special occasions held in Mahendragarh district.
9. BPL Validations : Helped DRDA and agency in doing validations
10. CIPA : Common Integrated Police Applications
11. State Wide Area Network (SWAN): All Block and Tehsil HQs, DRDA, Municipal Committee, GM, Roadways, DETC, DEO, DPEO, Women & Child Welfare, District Court.
12. AGMARKNET : Market Committee, Narmaul

House Tax Assessment and Collection System

Based on new House Tax Formula of Haryana Government, the software generates the house tax notices, house tax bills for collection of tax and issue of receipts, various forms, registers, reports . The survey has been carried out, data entry completed at both two Municipalities, and detail analysis on house tax assessment has been carried out. The notices of House Tax have been issued, in all Municipalities. The Fire Tax also added where ever applicable. The collection of Tax at various Municipalities started.
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