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In 1948, with the formation of PEPSU Mahendragarh territory from Patiala State, Dadri territory (Now Charkhi Dadri) from Jind and Bawal territory from Nabha State were constituted into Mahendragarh district with the headquarters at Narnaul. At that time, there were three tehsils, namely; Narnaul, Charkhi Dadri and Bawal and Mahendragarh was a sub-tehsil. In 1949, Mahendragarh sub-tehsil was made a tehsil. In 1950, Bawal tehsil was broken up and 78 villages were transferred to Gurgaon district forming Bawal as a sub-tehsil and remaining villages were added to Narnaul and Mahendragarh.

In 1956 the Rewari tehsil (except 61 villages ) was excluded from Gurgaon district and included in Mahendragarh district. The Charkhi-Dadri sub- division was excluded from Mahendragarh district and included in the newly constituted district of Bhiwani. In 1977, 81 villages of Rewari tehsil was constituted into Bawal tehsil. In 1978 the district comprised 4 tehsils (Mahendragarh, Rewari, Narnaul and Bawal).

Rewari and Bawal tehsils (taken from Mahendragarh district) and Kosli tehsil except 10 villages (taken from Rohtak district) were constituted into a new district of Rewari as on 1st November, 1989. Presently district has 3 sub-divisions (Narnaul,Mahendragarh and Kanina), 5 tehsils (1. Narnaul, 2. Mahendragarh, 3. Nangal Chaudhary, 4. Ateli, 5. Kanina) and 1 sub-tehsil (Satnali)

Dr. Garima Mittal, IAS
Deputy Commissioner, Mahendragarh

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Area 1899 sq. km
Population 921680 (2011)
No.of Sub-Division 3
No. of Tehsil 5
No.of Sub-Tehsil 1
No. of Blocks 8
No.of Villages 370
Assembly seats 4
University 1
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